Best Practice Guidance - The "10 Golden Rules"  # 1 - 4

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Get trained:

Get trained and keep updated.

Guidance: Education, Training and Skills. AFGD1.1
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Carefully plan:

Carefully plan pest, weed and disease control strategies.

Guidance: Integrated control. AFGD2.1
Guidance: Integrated control  for Transport. AFGD2.2
Guidance: Integrated Turf Management. AFGD2.3
Guidance: Specification for weed control contracts. AFGD2.4
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Reputable distributors:

Only buy pesticides from reputable distributors.

Guidance: Internet Selling. AFGD3.1
Guidance: Counterfeit products. AFGD3.2
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Store pesticides correctly:

Use only authorised products and comply with the conditions specified on the product label.

Guidance: Understanding product labels. AFGD4.1
Guidance: Handling and Storage of Pesticides. AFGD4.2
Guidance: Disposal of waste products/washings. AFGD4.3

Our Mission:

The Amenity Forum has 4 main objectives:

  • To be the collective body representing the amenity industry, in relation to pesticide use and weed/pest control within the amenity sector.
  • To lead, coordinate and encourage achievement of "Best Practice" objectives in amenity pesticide use.
  • To coordinate and encourage the establishment of sustainable qualifications, training and CPD activity, specifically for the amenity sector.
  • To organise activities within the Amenity Forum membership and linked organisations, such that Amenity Forum objectives are developed in a coordinated way.


the Amenity Forum is the national voluntary initiative seeking to promote best practice in our sector. It is important that industry can fully demonstrate it's ability to regulate itself and ensure the highest standards....

John Moverley, Independent Chairman.

Over the last few years, the Amenity Forum has given tremendous service to the sector by improving the status and standing, reputation, awareness and respect for a very wide range of capable and proficient providers....

Paul Singleton.

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