Best Practice Guidance - The "10 Golden Rules" # 5 - 8

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Maintain application equipment:

All application equipment should be regularly serviced and tested.

Guidance: Check your sprayer. AFGD5.1
Guidance: Equipment testing. AFGD5.2
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Minimise use:

Users should make every effort to minimise the use of pesticides and use other methods for control, when available.

Guidance: Spraying with quad bikes/compact tractors. AFGD6.1
Guidance: Integrated vegetative management. AFGD6.2

Guidance: Hard surface applications. AFGD6.3
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Protect workers and the public:

The law requires you to make every effort to avoid off target contamination.

Guidance: Public areas. AFGD7.1
Guidance: Public notification. AFGD7.2
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Water protection:

It is vital that pesticides are not allowed to contaminate water sources.

Guidance: Water protection. AFGD8.1
Guidance: Weed, pest and disease control near water. AFGD8.2

Our Mission:

The Amenity Forum has four main objectives:

  • To be the collective body representing the amenity industry, in relation to pesticide use and weed/pest control within the amenity sector.
  • To lead, coordinate and encourage achievement of "Best Practice" objectives in amenity pesticide use.
  • To coordinate and encourage the establishment of sustainable qualifications, training and CPD activity, specifically for the amenity sector.
  • To organise activities within the Amenity Forum membership and linked organisations, such that Amenity Forum objectives are developed in a coordinated way.


the Amenity Forum is the national voluntary initiative seeking to promote best practice in our sector. It is important that industry can fully demonstrate it's ability to regulate itself and ensure the highest standards....

John Moverley, Independent Chairman.

It has underpinned my training schedule that the storage, administration, and the integrated treatment decision process is just as important as the actual treatment....

Andrew James, Manor Estates Groundcare - commenting on one of the 2015 Amenity Forum Updating Events.

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