Amenity Spray Operator Of The Year 2017 Information:

The Amenity Forum Spray Operator Of The Year(AFSOOTY) is back again for 2017 ! This year the competition is being run by The Amenity Forum, with help from BASIS. ICL and Syngenta will again be sponsoring the competition.

The competition for 2017 was launched at the Amenity Forum Conference, in Burton-on-Trent on the 13th October 2016. There are 3 categories for 2017:

 - Sports turf using boom sprayer and hand-held equipment.

- Landscape and Industrial using vehicle-mounted sprayer.

- Landscape and Industrial using hand-held equipment.


You can download a flyer, giving details about this year's competition HERE. This gives details and also an entry form.


We are looking for nominations in all 3 categories. A prize of a trip to a US Turf Show is on offer.

Please nominate any Spray Operators who you think are great at their jobs, using the online form below:


AFSOOTY 2017 Rules:
- Entry is free, but entrants must be bona fide amenity sprayer operators in the UK.
- Past winners of AFSOOTY are not eligible to enter.

Data Protection:
By providing this information you are giving consent to receiving AFSOOTY-related communications. We will not use this information for any additional marketing communications.

If you have any enquiries, please contact:


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