The Getmoving Campaign: Trains.

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Getmoving 1:

Public facing documents:

Edugraphic documents that elaborate on the importance of Amenity

Why It Matters. EDU01
Jim The Golfer. EDU02
Streets & Pavements. EDU03
Trains. EDU04
Invasive Weeds. EDU05
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Getmoving 2:

Stakeholder facing documents:

Public documents that show the range of Amenity work in daily life.

Amenity-Why It Matters. PFD01
Football. PFD02
Golf. PFD03
Train Journeys. PFD04
Invasive Weeds. PFD05
Roads. PFD06
Landscaping. PFD07
Streets & Pavements. PFD08
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Getmoving 3:

Sector facing documents:

Documents for the Amenity industry.

The Greenkeeper. SFD01
Professional Lawncare. SFD02
Street Cleaning. SFD03
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Getmoving 4:

Video clips:

Watch the videos below and on the other getmoving pages. You can then download them for later use from the list below:

Why Amenity Matters. VC01
Jim The Golfer. VC02
Streets and Pavements. VC03
Trains. VC04
Invasive Weeds. VC05
Creating A Lawn. VC06
Landscapes. VC07

Our Mission:

The Amenity Forum has 4 main objectives:

  • To be the collective body representing the amenity industry, in relation to pesticide use and weed/pest control within the amenity sector.
  • To lead, coordinate and encourage achievement of "Best Practice" objectives in amenity pesticide use.
  • To coordinate and encourage the establishment of sustainable qualifications, training and CPD activity, specifically for the amenity sector.
  • To organise activities within the Amenity Forum membership and linked organisations, such that Amenity Forum objectives are developed in a coordinated way.

Video clip: Trains

Keeping The Trains Moving.

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