Important Consultation – share your views…..

Share your views on the future of agricultural policy in England

In January 2018 the UK Government released “A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment”.


This set out its targets and intended actions to support the rural economy and environment going forward. The plan is detailed and lengthy, and contains issues with direct relevance to amenity. Following on from release of the plan, the Government have launched a consultation for future agricultural policy in England. Whilst the questions are very much geared to agriculture, there are decisions being considered which again could directly affect amenity. The Chairman of the Amenity Forum has attended consultation events and continues to make the amenity voice heard.
However, the Amenity Forum are encouraging everyone with an interest in amenity to view the proposals and, where appropriate, make the amenity sector voice heard. The response does not need to involve a great amount of text but it is important that key decision-makers recognise that changes in policy for agriculture and the environment need to fully consider amenity impacts. Amenity matters and impacts on every UK citizen every day.

The consultation document can be found at . The deadline for responses is May 8th.

Professor John Moverley, OBE, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, says ‘’Whilst our message of the importance of amenity and maintenance of amenity spaces continues to grow, it is important that we keep up the pressure, especially to key decision-makers. Maintenance of amenity areas impacts upon every UK citizen every day.’’
The Forum has recently opened bookings for its popular annual conference and exhibition. In 2018 it will be held once again at the Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent, on Tuesday, October 9th.

The conference will be entitled ‘Change, Challenge and Opportunity’. For further information, please contact Kate at