Member testimonial - Hortech Limited:

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Hortech's principle reasons for joining the Amenity Forum include:

- To be part of the conversation regarding best practice and amenity herbicide stewardship.

- To raise our company profile with contractors, suppliers and clients by way of best practice.

- To gain commercial advantage through best practice.

Duncan E Jones, Director, Hortech Limited.


Member testimonial - Dow Agrosciences:


Dow Agrosciences sees the value of membership so that we can as a collective:

- Lead and influence best practice in use of sprays to ensure their optimal use and the safeguarding of the applicator, non-target species and the environment.

- Have networking opportunities that help engagement and understanding of current practice, issues and concerns.

- Represent the sector in a coherant way back up to regulatory bodies and government, so as to help drive a science based framework for decision making.

Robin Bentley, Marketing Manager Grassland & Speciality Products, Dow Agrosciences Ltd.


Member testimonial 3:


The Amenity Forum  has many members from accross the amenity sector.

These testimonials give an idea of the benefits that membership of the Amenity Forum confers.


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