Sector Letter to Secretary of State:

These are truly exceptional and unprecedented times. The threat of the coronavirus has changed all our lives and will impact upon all our futures. The best wishes of Kate and I go to you all.

I know that many members are seeking clarity of advice on what they should do and how best to respond. In such rapidly changing times, it is certainly not easy.

If you have not already seen, you may find the link below helpful.


I know that there are major concerns in our sector. Whilst those who are responsible will follow the guidance, there are worries about those who do not and the possibility of greater use of illegal products obtained from unregistered sources with consequent health concerns.

I am, as I know others, in discussion with Defra and Government but the ground rules keep on changing. Yesterday I signed a joint letter to the S of S about defining aspects of amenity weed and pest control as essential, which is attached.

The Forum is doing all it can to ensure that the range of issues impacting upon the amenity sector are being made within the mix of all that is happening and the over-riding seriousness of the health crisis

Please take care and keep safe and do get in contact if you require support, have a question or information or indeed whatever.

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