Green Feet Week

Green Feet Week : Information

The Amenity Forum working with partners is promoting a week of celebration commencing September 20th. Too often the work of those in managing amenity and sports spaces goes unnoticed and this week gives opportunity for all to learn more about what they do, really keeping Britain moving. Never has this been more highlighted than in the past year, keeping transport networks working, parks open for exercise and enjoyment and more.

In Green Feet Week, organisations and individuals working in the sector will get involved in charitable activities, large and small, and tell their stories of what they do and why what they do matters to everyone. So what is planned will be fun, raise valuable funds for charity and highlight the importance of amenity management to the lives of everyone.

John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, said ‘’I often say it but it is so true that what happens in amenity management impacts upon every UK citizen every day with all involved seeking to create safe, sustainable amenity and sports spaces fit for purpose’

Kate Cooney from Perennial, the charity that helps people in horticultural, said ‘’We are very pleased to support this initiative and highlight the work of so many, so often not understood or recognised. It is a brilliant and fun idea with a very real and important purpose”

Laurence Gale said ‘’This is long over-due and I am delighted both to support it and help bring it to fruition. Now all is needed is for everyone to get involved and make it a real success’’

Organisations involved in amenity horticulture at any level are asked to register their interest as soon as possible by emailing Kate at They will then be provided with further information. Throughout the period leading up to the week, we will release progress updates and stories about those getting involved and all press enquiries should again be directed to Kate at

How to get involved:

It is really easy to take part with the overall aim of raising awareness of the sector, its brilliant work across the UK and the amazing employees that have worked tirelessly to ensure that green spaces are available and accessible to everyone; most importantly we are looking to raise some money for charities, who have really suffered over the pandemic and would appreciate some support themselves.

  1. If you are an organisation, or individual, working within the sector we are looking to you to get involved with a charitable activity during the week commencing 20 September 2021.

  1. Choose the Charity you wish to support – Perennial is our partner for the event as they look after people in horticulture, but it can be a charity chosen by you or your organisation.

  1. Select what you are going to do to raise money – this might be a sponsored walk in your local park, a cake sale, football match between departments, the list is endless !

  1. Let the Amenity Forum know what you are planning and when so that we can promote your activity via our social media channels

  1. Enjoy yourselves, raise some money for charity

Promote the sector and the charitable activity within your own press outlets and via the Amenity Forum. The sector trade press is supporting this event too, so they would love to hear from you too and feature your activities in their magazine articles about the event.

Bio for Laurence Gale:

Had a varied fifty year career within this diverse and wonderful Horticultural / sports turf Industry , beginning with a five year City Guilds Apprenticeship in 1972 with Birmaingham City Council learning propagation and maintenance skills. Having a strong influence in sport I soon changed direction and began working in Sports turf working at several sporting venues that included golf, football, rugby and schools sites. This led to opportunities to move into management and soon found myself managing sites for the M O D and finally becoming parks manager at Telford & Wrekin Council. In 2003 I completed a Masters Degree in Soil Science at Cranfield University and then had the opportunity to begin a career in journalism becoming editor of Pitchcare and now Turfpro.

Perennial is the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping everyone who works in horticulture, and their families. Perennial provides free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to people of all ages working in, or retired from horticulture. This help extends to spouses, partners and children.

Perennial’s vision is for every horticulturalist in the UK to know about us and be confident to get in touch if they need our help. We are working hard to increase awareness of Perennial and as a result, the number of people coming to us is growing. Regular donations give us confidence to recruit the caseworkers and debt advisors that are needed to ensure that everyone we help continues to receive the bespoke personal service we currently provide. We receive no government funding. Our work depends entirely on the support of the horticultural industry, its suppliers and the garden loving public.
Download the pdf Perrenial Introduction here: How Perennial Helps