Meet a Member: DLF

About us:

DLF is the world’s largest producer and distributor of grass seed. With subsidiaries in Denmark, Holland, UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, China, New Zealand, South America, USA and Canada, an extended distributor and customer network serves the markets worldwide. We are best known in the UK for our two major brands, Masterline and Johnsons Sports seeds, and not forgetting our wild flower range of Proflora and Colour Boost which are native and nonnative flowers.

Our challenges:

The market availability of grass seed is finite and is largely determined by the forecasting and planning that has taken place in the two years prior to harvest. To illustrate, during the summer of 2019 we were in the process of planning which crops to plant for harvest in 2021, which will eventually make it into mixtures in the spring of 2022 – that’s no easy feat! To try and predict future demands requires a lot of time, analysing markets by nation, seed variety, and right down to forecasting the various levels of quality that users will be looking for to ensure we plant the correct quantities of the necessary species to meet requirements. We will begin by analysing our starting inventory and stock levels. Then it’s looking at wider sales trends – are demands increasing and will this continue? Or is the market levelling off or likely to decline? Finally, it’s looking at the market trends which is where we analyse in detail the species currently available, and any new cultivars or species which may need to be factored into the equation.

Our expertise:

DLF focuses closely on the demands of customers as well as on the market trends of clover and grass seed. Offering one of the world’s largest research and breeding programmes for both turf and forage, DLF is working consistently to improve the quality and reliability of all varieties. To meet market expectations, these varieties are tested through a worldwide trialling network for adaptation to different climatic and environmental conditions.

What turns a normal working day into a great day?

When we identify a problem with the customer and with correct cultivar choice improved their managed turf area or when we advise and revisit an area which has improved the local environment from the use of wild flowers which has encouraged the population of our pollinators.

Did you know…….?

It takes 15 plus years of research and development to get a new variety in to the market place. Year 1-3 Different grasses are crossed in order to find new and improved varieties Year 4-8 New breeding lines are tested and only the best continue in our breeding programme. Year 9-10 The new varieties are tested under different climatic conditions and evaluated for performance. Year 11-14 The chosen varieties are tested by official independent authorities. Year 14 Official trials are completed and only varieties that have passed appear on the recommended list e.g BSPB Year 15 Certified seeds are harvested, cleaned and samples are taken for purity and germination testing Year 15 + After careful selection varieties are mixed and packed into bags, either our Masterline or Johnsons Sports seed ranges.

What it means to be a member of The Amenity Forum:

The Amenity Forum is an influential group of like-minded companies who are all looking to promote best practice in an ever changing environment. It is great to know that DLF Seeds can help influence the way we look at our amenity spaces either through grass or wild flowers.