Meet a member: LanGuard Ltd

Will Kay, Managing Director of LanGuard Ltd:                                                                                                                              

About us:

LanGuard are a nationwide vegetation management business, specialising in weed control, landscape maintenance & invasive weed management. Our head office is in Leicestershire, but we have local bases throughout the country. Our clients are as varied as the Amenity sector, however the majority are local authorities, highways areas and main contractors.

Our challenges:

We are at peak season at the moment. The weeds that some people feel “may not turn up this year” have arrived and are doubling in height every week. It’s fair to say we are in high demand! My time is occupied programming work, encouraging productivity, managing finances and even handling the odd last minute enquiry.

Our expertise:

I have rather trapped myself into running a vegetation management business, so rather further from the coalface than in times gone by. However, I represent the industry on a number of steering groups, including the Amenity Forum, so I believe I have a good feel for the industry as a whole. My specialist areas are:

  • Highways
  • Urban weed control particularly footpaths
  • Non-chemical/herbicide & integrated treatments.
  • Invasive species management

What turns a normal working day into a great day?

The best days are when the season has started and we have a full work programme to tackle. The weather is bright and sunny with light winds, and barely a cloud in the sky. More to the point, all our teams are out and busy. Ideally there would be an England Cricket match on TMS and we would be winning!

Did you know?

Within the team we have a few quirks… One of my fellow directors has a large collection of classic vehicles including several vintage tractors. I am assured they will be worth something one day, sadly no sign yet! We also have Alisdair, our Development Director, who can still get excited about weed control, particularly invasives. But I am sure he will grow out of it!

What it means to be a member of The Amenity Forum:

I am a strong advocate of the Amenity Forum – it is very important that our sector is seen to have a strong, well-informed voice.

In the past, the fact that we are such a diverse sector has left us fragmented with no coherent presence to represent our views properly. Recent years have seen the Amenity Forum develop fruitfully, but more needs to be done. I would encourage any organisation involved with the UK Amenity sector to join up and get involved. We have many challenges to face over the coming years and a stronger and better informed voice will be important.