Meet A Member: Lantra

About us:

Lantra Awards is one of the leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We develop quality training courses and nationally recognised qualifications that are delivered through a national network of training Provider Partners.
We offer recognised training and qualifications for the Amenity sector, including Pesticides, Integrated Weed Management, Landscape tools and Mowers.

Our challenges:

Our challenges include raising the importance of recognised training for industries where certificates of competence are not required. We also find it increasingly difficult to recruit the next generation of expert instructors and assessors to ensure we have enough coverage for our network of training providers. If there are any Amenity professionals interested, do please get in touch!

Our expertise:

Our courses are developed by industry experts who know the sector inside out. They include a mix of training only and assessed training options and are packed with practical skills and technical content to help learners develop and succeed in their career.
With over 40 years’ experience, we only work with the very best training Provider companies, Instructors and Assessors the industry has to offer.

What turns a normal working day into a great day?

Hearing success stories of Lantra certificated learners who have progressed in their chosen career as a result of our training always makes us happy. We also get satisfaction through being able to work with diverse industry sector areas to implement new standards.

Did you know…….?

Lantra Awards has over 350 specialist training and qualification products covering a broad range of land-based sectors. In 2018/19 we certificated over 90,000 learners.

What it means to be a member of The Amenity Forum:

Lantra is proud to be a member of the Amenity Forum. We host the biannual forum meetings and have exhibited at the last 4 Amenity Forum Conferences. The two-way flow of information relating to training for the Amenity sector works well to inform us of what is required to help the industry evidence the required level of competency.