Meet a Member: Thames Water

Meet a Member – Thames Water

About us:

Thames Water has been a member of the Amenity Forum since 2015, and the Catchment Team attends on the company’s behalf.

Our challenges:

The Catchment Team ensures the quality of our drinking water sources is as high as possible before raw water enters the treatment process. This helps minimise the processes and energy needed to treat the water.

Our expertise:

The Catchment Team identifies and raises awareness of key impacts on our river and groundwater quality across our 11,000km2 catchment, including pollutants such as nutrients, pesticides and bacteria. Right now, we’re running over 25 projects to promote best practice and deliver water quality improvements, working with local and national stakeholders in the agricultural sector and funding research into alternative solutions.

Did you know……?

Our involvement in catchment management goes back a lot further. Since the 1990s, Thames Water has worked in partnership with Network Rail, Water UK, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, ensuring chemicals used on railways don’t pollute waterways, which often run parallel to rail lines. This agreement now protects more than 600 vulnerable drinking water sources from herbicides, making it one of the longest running catchment management success stories.

What does it mean to be a member of The Amenity Forum?

Partnerships with all of the above, along with our membership of the Amenity Forum, allow us to better understand industries and their risks for water quality, share our key messages and promote best practice through practical and cost-effective solutions.