Meet a Member: Weedfree Limited

About us:

My name is Richard Stow, and I am the Managing Director of Weedfree Limited. Weedfree Limited has been operating in the Amenity sector for over 50 years. We are a seasonal company providing vegetation management and support services to our clients. The majority of our work is for our rail clients, but we also work for local authorities, principal contractors, cleansing companies, industry and private landowners.

Our challenges:

Like all companies involved with vegetation, our primary challenge is the seasonality of our work. When it’s warm, and the sun shines everybody wants their vegetation managed, but when it’s cold and wet, now that’s another story. Balancing the peaks and troughs of seasonal demand while maintaining a competent, motivated and professional workforce can be very challenging indeed.

Our expertise:

  • Railway weed control
  • Planning work ‘on or near the line’

What turns a normal working day into a great day?

A happy team! Simple as that. When Team Weedfree has everything they need to do the job. When all staff are motivated and pulling in the same direction, and when there is a real sense of achievement and success, that is what makes a great working day.

Did you know…..

Weedfree Limited doubles its workforce for ten weeks of Autumn every year to cope with it’s commitments to Network Rail’s seasonal mitigation works (that’s leaves on the line to you and me).

What it means to be a member of the Amenity Forum:

The Amenity Forum is recognised by the HSE, the Environment Agency and Defra as representing our sector. As a member of the Amenity Forum Weedfree Limited can apply influence through association and at the same time learn from the immense wealth of experience within the Amenity Forum membership.