BASIS is an independent standards setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser, amenity and allied industries.

In practice this means that BASIS:

  • Offers a range of examinations and recognised qualifications for people working in the pesticide, fertiliser, Amenity and related sectors
  • Operates an annual inspection scheme to audit pesticide stores and ensure their operation presents minimal risk to people and the environment
  • Operates the Amenity Assured standard to raise and maintain good practice standards in the amenity and industrial pesticide sectors
  • Operates the Lawn Assured standard to raise and maintain good practice standards in the Domestic Lawn Care Industry
  • Manages the Professional Registers for qualified pesticide and fertiliser advisers and for public health pest control professionals
  • Provides a forum for industry trade associations and other stakeholders to discuss how professional standards can be maintained, improved and promoted
  • Works closely with industry, the regulatory authorities and government to promote and develop professional standards


Our History:


BASIS was established by the pesticide industry in 1978 to develop standards for the safe storage and transport of agricultural and horticultural pesticides and to provide a recognised means of assessing the competence of staff working in the sector.


Over the past 40 years, the BASIS remit has been extended. Today it includes activities in the amenity, industrial and public health pesticide sectors as well as in plant nutrition sector.


Contact Us:

BASIS Registration Limited

St Monica’s House

39 Windmill Lane




Tel: 01335 343945


BASIS have a “Meet A Member” article here: