At iXact we are a services company, not an IT provider. The services we provide to our clients encompass numerous manual operatives delivering core services, often working autonomously, over a wide geographical area and with no real fixed anchor site be it vehicle or building.

Through our accelerated change model, we are at the forefront in the adoption and use of technology and the capture of real time quantitative data at the point of service delivery. However, data capture was just the start of building greater service efficiencies and outcomes. After all data is just data if not used intelligently. At iXact we know that it is the analysing, shaping and utilising of mobile technology and data captured that are key to facilitating step changes and ultimately the delivery of smarter services.

To this end, regardless of the ICT systems you choose to operate, we have designed a services diagnostics tool that bridges the gap between your work schedules, routines, processes etc, to the which, where, when, and what data you want to capture.  The tool is easily replicable across most services sectors and allows you to quickly convert the information you hold into a data collection road map. Encompassing a bespoke desktop performance analytics, the diagnostics tool also facilitates your first tranche of smart data integration, allowing you to drive improvements and cost savings prior to any mobile ICT deployment.