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Simon Johnson, Secretary of the UK Lawn Care Association:

About us:

The UK Lawn Care Association (UK LCA) is an organisation open to independently owned lawn care companies. This not-for-profit organisation is run on behalf of the Members by a Chairman and a committee of six. We are based in Buckden in Cambridgeshire. Our website has two distinct objectives – firstly to help homeowners search for a UK LCA member in their local area, and secondly as a portal for members and sponsors. We recently launched a closed Facebook group for our members, to help with our communications and to act as a forum.

Our challenges:

The UK LCA formally became an Association in January 2017, so our current main focus is to grow awareness of our existence and grow our membership. Like a lot of people, one of our main challenges at the moment is GDPR, which come into effect from 25th May. Outside of this, our big picture effort is to ‘educate’ UK lawn owners that professional lawn care services exist, and that using these services makes a difference to gardens. In the background we are also giving a lot of attention to preparing and planning our annual two day conference which takes place in January.

Our expertise:

We are seeing a good amount of gardeners and landscapers wanting to add lawn care to their portfolio of services – they often come to us to ask us about training and tips.  I try and steer them towards some marketing tactics that should help them create and grow their database.

What turns a normal working day into a great day?

My role of secretary is part-time, a couple of days a week, but it’s an exciting time as we grow. When a lawn care company approaches me for information about joining, it really makes my day!

Did you know…..

The lawn care industry in the UK is about a generation behind the US. The US industry is well-established and some lawn care companies have over 10,000 customers, whereas a typical UK business may have  between 100 and a 1,000 customers. However, there is strong evidence that the industry is growing quickly in the UK.

What it means to be a member of The Amenity Forum:

One of our objectives is to raise the profile of the lawn care industry as we are too often overlooked, unlike the amenity and landscape sectors. Being a member of the Amenity Forum provides us with a link and recognition, and thanks to this we are able to maintain an awareness of regulatory and legal developments through their political connections.


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