Much to discuss at the Forum’s Updating Events:


Much to discuss at the Forum’s Updating Events in 2020

2020 is set to be a year of much challenge and change for all operating across the important and diverse amenity sector.

This is especially true for all aspects of amenity management and especially in terms of weeds, pests and disease.

The Government are conducting a full review of the National Action Plan which sets requirements and targets for the sector in terms of achieving best practice. There is also set to be a full review of pesticide policy and increased pressures for a planned integrated approach. Government plans set challenging targets for the environment and climate change.
The Amenity Forum is once again hosting a series of free half day Updating events across the UK aimed at all those involved in or with an interest in amenity management. Full details and locations can be obtained by emailing Pre-registration is requested for catering and administrative purposes.
Once again, a representative from the Chemicals Regulations Division of HSE will update delegates on policy issues and this will be followed by a presentation from the Forum Chairman on current initiatives in the sector and how we should best respond to policy and related changes. There will also be a networking opportunity focussing on how the sector might best communicate to the public and key stakeholders on the nature and importance of its work.
At each event a guest speaker will then provide his or her views to the title of ‘Integrated Management in practice’. The event will conclude with a presentation from the host organisation.
These events are possible thanks to generous support from Weedfree, a valued member of the Forum. Also, each event is hosted by an individual member for which the Forum is very grateful
Professor John Moverley OBE, Independent Chairman of the Forum, said ‘As I often say, what happens in amenity management impacts upon every UK citizen every day seeking to provide safe and healthy spaces fit for purpose. Our Updating event is always popular but this year is set to be more than ever. There is much change around and how we address this will be vital.

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