UK Pesticide Survey – Very Important

UK Pesticide Survey

A very important survey is being undertaken by government (delivered by Fera Science Ltd) to gain information on the amount of pesticides used, the different types and categories and also a little additional information on numbers of sprayers, qualified staff etc.

It is vitally important that the sector fully supports this work as it will form the basis for future policy, strategic decisions and it will provide very valuable information for use across the sector. A similar survey was conducted in 2016.

The Forum has been consulted to help ensure the survey is as straightforward as possible and easy to complete. We cannot over emphasise the importance of high participation so that good and sound data can result.

The survey can be completed online via this link: and please encourage others to complete. You may receive a separate invitation from Fera to complete, clearly only one needs to be submitted. We are assured that your individual data will be anonymous unless your permission for otherwise sought and only aggregate data used within the various sub sectors of use.

If you have any concerns or questions about this, please do contact us.

Thank you