Best Practice Guidance – The “11 Golden Rules” + The Associate Toolkit

GOLDEN RULE 1: Get Trained and Keep Updated

Education, Training, Skills & Compliance AFGD1.1  DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 2: Carefully Plan

Integrated Control AFGD2.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Integrated Control for Transport AFGD2.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

Integrated Turf Management AFGD2.3 DOWNLOAD PDF

Specification for Weed Control Contracts AFGD2.4 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 3: Use Reputable Distributors

Internet Selling AFGD3.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Counterfeit Products AFGD3.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 4: Store Pesticides Correctly

Understanding Product Labels AFGD4.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Handling & Storage of Pesticides AFGD4.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

Disposal of Waste Products & Washings AFGD4.3 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 5: Maintain Application Equipment

Check Your Sprayer AFGD5.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Equipment Testing AFGD5.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 6: Minimise Use of Pesticides

Spraying With Quad Bikes/Compact Tractors AFGD6.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Integrated Vegetative Management AFGD6.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

Hard Surface Applications AFGD6.3 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 7: Protect Workers and the Public

Spraying in Public Areas AFGD7.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Public Notification AFGD7.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 8: Water Protection

Water Protection AFGD8.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Weed, Pest & Disease Control Near Water AFGD8.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 9: Check Weed Control Guidance

Japanese Knotweed Control AFGD9.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

Giant Hogweed Control AFGD9.2 DOWNLOAD PDF

Himalayan Balsam Control AFGD9.3 DOWNLOAD PDF

The Weeds Act 1959 & Other Laws AFGD9.4 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 10: Keep Records

Keeping Records AFGD10.1 DOWNLOAD PDF

GOLDEN RULE 11: Biological Control

Biological Control AFGD11.1 DOWNLOAD PDF


Resources for Amenity Forum Associate Members:

Membership Code DOWNLOAD PDF

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