Updating Events 2023: Policy, Compliance, Enforcement.

We have now completed our “Policy, Compliance, Enforcement” 2023 updating events, thanks go to everyone who has attended these events. We would also like to thank Weedfree who were headline sponsors for this year’s events.

The inaugural event was hosted by Complete Weed Control on a glorious April morning at Celtic Manor Golf Course; for this event we were joined by Leasa Fielding & Jenny Fletcher from DEFRA. At all the events we have had speakers from HSE to discuss compliance and enforcement. At two events, Mike Potts, Principal Enforcement Officer of HSE presented the “Role of Pesticide Enforcement Officers” and how CRD/HSE are proactively checking that all those who should, have registered with DEFRA as a seller or user of PPP’s.

The site to register under OCR is still open. Please encourage organisations fulfil their legal requirement and register. HSE have reported on some of the findings from inspections. They have also encouraged those who are being inspected to use the visit as “free consultancy.” The objective of visits is to move those being inspected to compliance if required.

PEO’s have been concentrating on inspecting organisations who sell and store PPP’s. From late May 2023 they will be starting inspections of user organisations, including local authorities, contractors, sports organisations.

At all the events we have presented some of the results from the Cardiff Council Trials. In Wales, Daniel Jones of Advanced Invasives, presented a summary of the trials conducted and reported last year on the sustainability of three vegetation management techniques.

At our Scottish Event, sponsored by SASA and the Scottish Government, Ms Lorna Slater, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy, and Biodiversity spoke to the delegaes. She congratulated the amenity sector for the work being done by our members to enhance and encourage biodiversity. Attendees were able to have a constructive discussion with the Minister on priorities the Scottish Government see going forward. The Amenity Standard and CPD schemes plus encouraging the younger generation into our sector were discussed. The Minister and the Amenity Forum are going to set up follow up meetings to review action points. We will also develop a Forum for Local Authorities in Scotland so they can speak with the Minister and develop additional ideas for our sector in Scotland. Thanks to the Minister for finding the time to join our event and to all those involved in the session.

Origin Amenity sponsored the event at Throws Farm Turf Science and Technology Centre. Mark DeAth presented snippets of IPM work that is being conducted by OAS to support the Amenity Sector. Following lunch, attendees had a tour of the site including a preview of trials being conducted on the wide range of surfaces available at this site from golf greens, football pitches, amenity grass, lawn improvement projects and hard surfaces. With the growing importance of understanding the complexity of flora and fauna in our soils and encouraging “good biology” to develop, Dr Deidre Charleston showed delegates the spectrum of bacteria, fungi etc in our soils.

The penultimate face to face event was sponsored by ICL and held at Radley College. Following the presentations delegates were given a tour of the facilities and saw the famous ancient 300-year-old oak with over 8 metre girth in the beautifully kept grounds.

Our final face to face event was held at CAFRE in Northern Ireland and sponsored by DAERA. For this event we joined up with the Water Catchment Partnership and delegates were updated on compliance. We also included specific information that only applies to Northern Ireland following the various negotiations with the EU.

Our final event was a zoom event which can be watched on the link below. Parks for London presented a number of a case studies related to the use of integrated management plans developed by Parks for London and the Amenity Forum.

Policy Update Presentation from Online Updating Event 2023Video
HSE presentation from 2023 events: DOWNLOAD PDF
HSE presentation from Online Updating Event 2023 – Video
DAERA Presentation from 2023 events: DOWNLOAD PDF
Parks for London presentation from 2023 online event: DOWNLOAD
Vegetation Management / Cardiff Trial Result Presentation from Online Updating Event 2023Video

Thankyou to our headline host for the 2023 events – Weedfree.